The Tribe of Woolgatherers Affiliate Network
Welcome to the Tribe of Woolgatherers (tm) Affiliate Network. The Tribe is an online humor community centered around an email list that has been running since 1993.

Woolcentral, the official website for the Tribe followed in 1996. The year 1998 saw the introduction of the first affiliate site, with SteelWool, a collection of humor centered around the theme of stupidity in humanity. This first site was a collaboration with the web designer who runs

Following up on the success of this first affiliate site, I developed a site centered around the turmoil of President Clinton and all of the scandals he's been involved with. This site, SoiledWool, is soon to be featured at

Just in time for Christmas 1998, I built the I'm Dreaming of a Wool Christmas site, featuring holiday humor. This was a collaboration with the people at

These affiliate sites are my way of extending the fun and lightheartedness of the Tribe, while at the same time, expanding the potential audience it reaches. I have accumulated a large archive of humor of all types and sorts and I'm actively looking for people who would like to feature humor on their website.

If you have a sense of humor, a website with an established theme and audience, and you're willing to commit to a working relationship with the Tribe of Woolgatherers to develop a website of branded humor, then sign up to become a part of the affiliate network.

Keep on laughing.
Matte Elsbernd

Current Sites
+ SteelWool
+ SoiledWool
+ I'm Dreaming of a Wool Christmas
Humor Themes Available
+ Aging
+ Animal
+ Computers
+ Dating
+ Drinking
+ Gender
+ Heaven/Hell
+ Holidays
+ Marriage
+ Medical
+ Microsoft
+ Office/Work
+ One-Liners
+ Parenting
+ Parodies
+ Political
+ Religious
+ Risque
+ School/College
+ Science
+ Sports
+ Travel
+ & Many More...