The Truth
 passed along by SmellsVishy
Bill Clinton was watching TV one night, when he had this craving for pork chops & apple sauce. He rang down to the chef - who was quite pissed off because the kitchen had been closed for half an hour, and he'd just finished cleaning up.

However, the chef had a quick look in the bin, and saw a couple of pork chops he'd thrown out earlier that day.

"Sure thing Mr President" he said cheerfully into the phone, "I'll have your meal sent up in no time."

The chef rescued the food from the bin, washed it off, quickly made some apple sauce, and sent the food on its way.

Clinton was most grateful, and rang down specially to thank the chef.

"It's a pleasure Mr President" came the cheerful reply.

Clinton downed his meal, and, about an hour later, was doubled over in agony with severe food poisoning and could barely move.

In desperation he managed to reach the alarm bell. Within seconds the room was full of security personnel. Monica Lewinsky also burst in, and saw the President doubled over on the floor. She raced to his side, desperate to help.

"What can I do?" she begged him.

By now, the pain was so bad Clinton thought he was about to faint.

His last words before he collapsed were "Sack my cook."