WoolFest New England our Largest Ever!
check out the pictures here.
WoolFest NoCalifornia a Complete Success!
check out the pictures here.
WoolFest SoCalifornia a Big Success!
check out the pictures here.
WoolFest MidWest On Hold?
we'll try again next year.

Summer is here, and The Tribe of Woolgatherers is ready to hit the road and round up some Woolgatherers for a little fun in the sun!

Last year we started a tradition, with WoolFest. Things started small, with just a handful of attendees to our event in Massachusetts. But this year we're hoping to get more people involved. With that goal in mind, we're planning to hold 4 events at 4 different locations across the US.

Since we're taking the effort to go out of our way to bring the fun to you, we hope you'll take the opportunity to come and have some fun.

Before we finalize the schedule, we'd like to get a sense of where people are, where you're likely to meet us, and when's a good time to do it.

No commitment is necessary, but we do ask that you indicate how likely it is you would attend.

We will tally up the results and plan our schedule accordingly.

The Grand Pubah


  Thanks for all your interest and especially to those who participated. If you missed the fun or want some more, check out WoolFest 2001.